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In 1964 the Deyo Family Association was formed at our historic home site in New Paltz, New York. Since that time, through the efforts of a number of dedicated Deyo Family Association Genealogists, we have amassed a database encompassing 29,163 names associated with 11,290 families. Although most of the materials gathered can be to some extent verified, there is a certain percentage that has not been adequately documented. This being the case, this resource should be considered more historical in nature.

Why have so many people spent so much time and effort researching and disseminating this information? This can best be explained in the following manner. Researching your ancestry can give you a sense of belonging, a means of learning about relatives that you didn’t realize that you had and bring you closer to them. It can open the door to the origin of your family ethnicity shedding light on the questions of where your family ancestors immigrated from, how did they get here, why and when did they come to this country? What was the socio-economic background of our forefathers? Do we actually have Royal ties? What were their skills, customs, ideals, and religious beliefs?

If the past makes up a percentage of how we have come to be then the answers to the above questions may give us insight as to the direction our lives may, or should be taking.

“It is not the destination, but the journey “

Charles D. Alsdorf

Deyo Family Association

former DFA Genealogist

If you would like to update your family tree, or add it to the Deyo charts, you can complete the form to the right and either mail or email it to our genealogist. You can print or use as many forms as you need.

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